Bid Whist Ambassador. Boxing Lawyer.

A boxing business attorney and executive, Lamont Jones maintains that the deals most meaningful to him are not those he’s negotiated or litigated on behalf of boxing managers, promoters, or champions. Instead, the contracts that most make his heart sing are those he enters and defends against at the card table, playing Bid Whist. Jones believes that card games connect people and that the rich story of Bid Whist is one that deserves to be widely known.

The Gist of Bid Whist: The Culturally-Rich Card Game from Black America

The Gist of Bid Whist is the definitive book celebrating, teaching, and popularizing Bid Whist, the card game Professor Skip Gates calls “The National Black Pastime.” It engages current players with the “sizzle” of action and anecdotes that speak to the game’s cultural resonance, fun, and power to connect, while embracing the challenge of serving the “steak” of strategy, rules, and mechanics in an appealing, step-by-step manner to introduce Bid Whist to a broader, more diverse public. The Gist of Bid Whist welcomes newcomers and respects seasoned players by tying together Bid Whist’s strategy, card-play, fun, and cultural impact to bring the game to life.

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